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Run Coaching:

Bespoke run coaching for all abilities 

Combining the latest sport science with a holistic approach, the aim is to help you achieve your potential whilst enjoying the journey for life. 

Coaching includes:

  • An individualized monthly run plan catered to your goals

  • Flexible coaching around family and work

  • Strength and Conditioning programming

  • Education on the principles of training

  • Unlimited contact via WhatsApp and email

  • Daily feedback and communication

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Online Training Plans:

Bespoke training plans are available after an initial consulation. These include an individised training plan combined with specific strength and conditioning sessions.


Clint Hall, Telford Athletics Club


'Not what I expected! Been running for 5 years in road trail and fell. Since the pandemic I plateaued and lost my running mojo in the sport I loved so much and it started to feel more like a chore than a mental release . 


I reached out to Dan just out of curiosity to see if he could help me out regards my overall performance and form . He responded with out hesitation and arranged an assessment and from that point he tailor made a plan to meet my personal goals and future achievements. 


Dan has mentored me in nutrition, strength and conditioning, which has improved my overall running form leading to better economical running performance on the trails, track, and road 


I highly recommend Dan as a run coach to meet your personal goals'


Cristina O'Brien, Telford AC


'There was a clear lack of planning and integrity in my training before I started working with Dan. This was one of the main reasons as to why I believe that Dan's coaching would prove quite beneficial to my overall running. I had a PT session with Dan and quickly realised that Dan excels in technical knowledge and is truly enthusiastic about all things related to running.


His technical knowledge on strength and conditioning (S&C) is excellent. S&C was a part of my running routine that sorely lacked daily routine - there is a lot of advice out there, however selecting the right exercises for me was never easy. Based on the assessment, Dan identified a few S&C exercises that are now part of my gym routine. Running technique was another element of my running which Dan helped me with. Having had the opportunity of attending the Nuffield running class on the treadmill, I had feedback on my technique and I have already seen improvement in my overall running based on the feedback from Dan. Dan is always happy to help and offer his advice and the above examples clearly demonstrate his determination to help runners become better and stay injury free. I'd highly recommend Dan to all of my running friends.'

Rachael Hares

After having my second child, my return to running was slower than planned due to injury and time. I was finding it hard to make the time to run, and was getting frustrated as I started to make progress, only to fall behind again a few weeks later. I decided I needed some support with my running to help me maximize the time that I had and also to help with the motivation to go out in the dark winter nights. I came across Dan through social media he was local and also seemed to enjoy the run disciplines and mindset that I do. I have been working with Dan since the beginning of December and I am so pleased with my progress, the consistency and being efficient with my time has allowed me to move forward quicker a lot quicker than I thought I could. So much I feel I am ready to race after 2.5 years. My plan is interesting and flexible which is key to my current lifestyle and Dan is always quick to respond to messages. I look forward to seeing what the summer will bring!

Andy Hedges

'I have been working with Dan for a couple of months now and would 100% recommend his services. Unlike a lot of coaches there is no one size fits all approach, he listens and prepares sessions that are specific to your goals and adjust sessions wherever required. He has taught me very quickly that there is a lot more to running than just running, along with preparing training plans and advice on nutrition. Training sessions are very challenging but Dan is very engaged and makes it fun despite the hard work'

Amy Wakeley

"I reached out to Dan earlier this year after struggling with routine, and not really knowing how best to train to achieve the results I wanted. 


From the outset I felt really at ease with Dan as he took time to listen to my goals and assess my needs. I have since been attending regular strength and conditioning sessions aimed at helping me to become a stronger runner, and prevent injury. Dan's wealth of knowledge has really helped to educate me, and I am now understanding how to take a much more comprehensive approach to my running. Since working with Dan I have been making good progress, and recently achieved a new 10K PB!


I plan to continue working with Dan as his support is invaluable; he is very committed to helping all of his clients and is passionate about his sport. I would highly recommend Dan's support to both runners or anyone looking to improve their general fitness".


Personal Training 

For all Personal Training enquiries, please contact me directly. I am currently based at Nuffield Health Telford. ​


Billy Cartwright, English fell running champion and international mountain runner


"I have progressed from a very low mileage to 90 miles per week within a year. I owe this breakthrough in training to Dan, who through his extensive knowledge in S&C has made my body strong enough to do the training I needed to do to represent my country in mountain running. ​

Dan is always friendly, encouraging and a pleasure to work with. He has also educated me enough that I am now competent to carry out my own sessions independently and I know the reasons why I am doing each exercise".


Nia Williams

"I started PT training with Dan in January 2022 and have also regularly attended his Nuffield Run Club. Dan has really encouraged me on my running journey; I started as a complete beginner and am now training for my first half marathon, something I never thought I would be able to in a million years! Dan has taught me a wealth of invaluable knowledge about running technique and form, with a real focus on building secure foundations in order to avoid injuries, be able to run for life and ultimately develop a love for running.


I always look forward to my PT sessions with Dan as he makes the hard work fun and always plans varied and challenging sessions which have allowed me to keep progressing towards my goals. Dan radiates positivity and is always so encouraging, he has really helped to build my confidence and always believes in me when I don’t believe in myself. He is a consummate professional who leads by example, has the highest expectations of himself, and always focuses on getting the best out of people.


His enthusiasm and passion for running is infectious and, despite all of his outstanding achievements in both local and national races, he remains humble, modest and completely focused on helping all of his clients to achieve their goals, whatever their ability. It is a privilege to be coached by Dan and I’m so grateful to him for helping me to do something I never thought I could - I can’t recommend him highly enough".

Darren Owen-Jones, Telford Harriers

'My strength and conditioning assessment with Dan was a great experience.  He put me at ease straight away and explained everything clearly.  I was a bit apprehensive as I have never really engaged with strength and conditioning previously.  I’m a typical runner – if I want to improve I just run more!  Dan’s knowledge and thorough explanations impressed me.  He helped me to understand how strength and conditioning would help me reach the next level in my running.  Dan followed up the assessment with a detailed report which explained the areas I need to work on. I would definitely recommend him to other runners looking to improve.  I will be booking more sessions with him’ 

Steven Woodcock

“Dan is extremely knowledgeable and motivating. I’ve learnt new exercises and also correct form.

I have found Dan’s PT sessions very rewarding and have noticed a big difference in fitness and strength levels in a short space of time. Its given me the confidence to take on new challenges that I wouldn’t have done before”.

Sharna Gilbert

"With an upcoming holiday that includes trekking uphill in rainforests I knew that I needed to drastically improve my fitness, however I felt anxious and intimidated about taking that next step to work with a personal trainer.  When I met Dan he was so approachable and enthusiastic he immediately put me at ease.

Working with Dan these last few months I can see so much progress.   Dan has been instrumental, through his encouragement and expertise in helping, and occasionally pushing me along on my fitness journey.  I now actively look forward to our weekly training sessions, and I’m excited to see how Dan can help me longer-term with my overall fitness levels".

Elaine Hamilton


'A Road of ‘Recovery’

My story: full time NHS Nurse of 40 years, active cyclist and walker, hello Osteoarthritis! 1 hip replacement and 1 total knee replacement later…. 11 months post op, knee still stiff and painful, walking limited to short distances, stairs - one step at a time, difficulty getting onto the floor and back up without assistance and generally feeling much older than my 58 years!

Nice to meet you Daniel Connolly! My first question, I am not an athlete, I am not a runner, I am likely older than your normal client, and I have a chronic health condition that I want to improve, and help prevent further deterioration in the future, can you help? Daniels no hesitation response
was absolutely!

Assured of Daniels very credible qualifications, and the fact that he was such a lovely person who radiated support and positivity, we agreed a plan to improve overall strength and conditioning for both rehabilitation and for the future.

Daniel was full of encouragement and belief, his extensive knowledge and experience allowed him to adapt exercises specifically to my capabilities, whilst always making me feel safe. The programmed was varied, hard work without being punishing, lots of fun, but most importantly really effective with impressive results after just a few months.

I am now back enjoying cycling, I am able to walk for 4 miles with no pain, stiffness, or need to raid the freezer for ice! Stairs are no longer single- steps, and although a slightly unique technique, the floor no longer poses a problem!

I have not only improved my physical ability but also regained confidence and belief in myself, so massive respect and real genuine thanks.'

Wendy Morgan 

'I have been working with Dan as my personal trainer since January 2022. I have always been fit and active and due to this wore out the cartilage in my kneecaps. This caused mobility and pain issues. Dan took this into account and designed a rehabilitation programme to improve my overall fitness, build strength and stability. Every single session is fun, varied and focussed. During the sessions Dan also educates me about all manner of nutrition, how the muscles tendons all work together throughout each exercise set. He has even convinced me to do his spin class which is challenging but fun. He ensures that everyone in his classes modify the routines to suit their health and fitness levels. We have exchanged book and podcast recommendations which have all enhanced mental amd physical wellbeing.

In June 2022 he encouraged my 23 year old Son to have a trial session with him. My son has suffered with mental health during the lock down and put on a lot of weight. Dan carefully walked him through a programme back to fitness but more importantly has transformed his mental wellbeing giving him the encouragement and motivation to set a target to do a 5k run with Dan before the end of the year.

Dan is a great personality and so lovely to work with. His knowledge base across so many aspects of health and wellbeing is significant.'